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What is Vats Creations?


Vats Creations is your all-in-one destination for seamlessly aligning every aspect of your marketing and branding requirements. We strategize and serve a comprehensive customized solution, seamlessly bridging all the elements to propel you to the zenith of accomplishment within your chosen domain. Our unwavering faith in the potent influence of effective communication drives us to passionately advocate for brands, services, and products that resonate with our genuine conviction.


Vats Creations hosts an annual VC Series in diverse formats. Our latest addition is the Audio LinkedIn Format for VC Series, featuring a lineup of numerous accomplished speakers. This exciting initiative enables us to establish deeper connections with our audience, offering them an engaging and dynamic experience enriched with valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions. If you're interested in becoming a part of this venture, reach out and join us.

Moreover, Vats Creations proudly presents VC संघ निर्माण, a captivating endeavor in collaboration with global community builders. With VC संघ निर्माण, our goal is to unite like-minded individuals, fostering a lively community where the exchange of knowledge, networking, and collaborative efforts thrive.

Vats Creations is on a mission to empower 10K individuals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in collaboration with their CHANGE MAKERS. This campaign is curated by VC team and co-curated by R.A.N.U!

Our vision for Mission 10k - Digital निर्माण  is to create a digitally savvy community where everyone, regardless of location, shines on a global stage. Together, we'll enhance personal and company brand positioning, particularly on LinkedIn, and transform perceptions. Let's make each individual a global entity!


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Nina Foundation had an excellent experience with Neha when we collaborated with Zumba India for our 10th spinal cord injury day on 25th June 2018. Efficient, prompt and friendly efficient turnaround of all our suggestions. Sucheta Pal flew in specially for our event too.

Dr Ketna L Mehta, Founder & Trustee Nina Foundation




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