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Neha Vatsala Founder MD Vats Creations

Neha Vatsala
Founder & MD, Vats Creations

Neha Vatsala boasts a distinguished career spanning over two decades, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise. Her journey began as an engineer, but she seamlessly transitioned into the role of a Business Analyst. From there, she further evolved into a skilled manager, adeptly overseeing various projects.


Recognizing the importance of diversity, she embraced the mantle of a diversity champion, advocating for inclusivity and equality. Driven by her passion for organizing impactful events, Neha Vatsala honed her skills as an event strategist, orchestrating successful gatherings. Her strategic acumen extended into brand management, where she excelled as a brand strategist, shaping and elevating various brands.

Fostering a sense of community became her next mission, leading her to become a proficient community builder, connecting people and fostering relationships. Embracing the digital age, she ventured into the realm of digital media strategy, mastering the art of navigating online platforms. But her entrepreneurial spirit could not be contained, and she ventured into business ownership, successfully running her own ventures.


Not content with mere financial success, she channeled her efforts toward social entrepreneurship, using her business acumen to address societal challenges and make a positive impact on the world. Through life's journey, Neha Vatsala has embraced new roles with enthusiasm, and she is also a devoted author, a loving mom, and a constant seeker of knowledge and growth. In the end, she finds herself like a free-spirited Gypsy, forever embracing change and embarking on exciting new adventures 

Ms. Vatsala is the driving force behind the overall enthusiasm at Vats Creations.

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