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We offer a variety of services that come under the following broad categories:

Social Networking Vats Creations

Social Networking

Here, at Vats Creations, we foster our clients to engage, collaborate and socialize in the virtual world of networking. No matter how strong or capable you are as a brand you still need to be showcased.


With Vats Creations, your product or brand or organization will get the eyeballs that you always aspired for. Social media collaterals are the content that you create for yourself and with social networking leverages, you outreach for spreading your word to the whole world.


We also believe in the power of In-Person interactions. Vats Creations team picks and selects very few clients for their Business Development Plans and Meetings. Those who qualify are the people who strongly believe in their talent and follow their passion. 

Event Management Vats Creations

Art Performances and Events

Vats Creations is a pioneer in creating unique events for your Brand/Company/Products. Events help showcase your product and reach out to a bigger live audience.


We develop a well-planned strategy for hosting events and with correct collaborations, it leads to a huge visibility which in turn increases the sales and presence of the brand. 

Brand Promotions Vats Creations

Brand Promotions

The most deserving brands does not get the level of visibility of their worth due to inadequate promotion or no branding. We at Vats Creations expose you into the world of awareness and help you to create the market niche you always aspired for.


It is a way to inform, remind, persuade convincingly and influence the audience to drive their decisions in favour of your Business /Brand / Product. This helps to create an image which in turn showcases your mission and vision. 

Creative Colaboration Vats Creations

Creative Collaboration

Vats Creations is a brand that helps connect various artists onto one dashboard and present you as a catalogue. We provide a platform where we showcase a by-directional solution for the artist and the organization.


We extensively use our network, social media strategy, information technology and events to create a new artist, be it any field. 

CSR Activity Vats Creations

CSR Activity

Giving back to society is something we all do in some way or the other. Vats Creations provides a unique outflow of your resources or effort in a systematic and planned manner. Vats Creations team is an expert in Strategizing and Crafting any event which has a social cause.


Vats Creations is in touch with many NGOs and will have a varied range of options for you to choose and get associated with it. 

Information Technology Vats Creations

Information Technology

We have Transeunt Pvt. Ltd. as our technology partner and would be helping you with all the software needs. Transeunt is a process oriented, client centric, technology driven service utility organization that is your go-to technology partner for all your office automation needs.


We come with a catalog of services. 

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