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Vats Creations fosters their client to engage , collaborate and socialize in the virtual world of networking. There is always a scope of growth in the showcase of your Brand, Product or Services.

Art Performances & Events

Vats Creations is pioneer in unique events for your Brand , Product or Services. Customized events help you reach to a bigger audience and increases engagement with crowd.


Vats Creations exposes you into the world of awareness and help you create the market niche you always aspired for. No matter how niche your product or service is , without a proper brand awareness , it cant reach out to masses.


Vats Creations have Consultants and Team of IT professionals who will all your Technical needs. We are experts in Providing Assessment, Solutions for IT Support & Conducting Seminars & Trainings.

CSR Activity

Vats Creations Team is an expert in Strategizing and Curating any event that has a Social Responsibility associated with it. Giving Back to Society is something we all do in some or the other way.

"We at vats creation are a pool of highly motivated and talented consultants and entrepreneurs. The team at Vats creations strongly believes in networking, client centricity and quality delivery"

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About Neha Vatsala (Founder & MD)

Ms. Neha Vatsala , a Social Enthusiast and a passionate Philanthropist relishes in creating a positive influence on one’s life.

Professionally, she did her B.Tech from Birla Institute of Technology Mesra & MBA in Marketing from Manipal University and has a vast experience in service industry, before; she decided to embark her journey to fulfill her passion. She has a vast experience in Fitness Marketing and Media Promotion.

Ms. Vatsala is the driving force behind the overall enthusiasm at Vats Creations.


Vats Creations is a your one stop solution to connect all your dots and reach the pinnacle of success in your interest area. We strongly believe in Power Of Communication and shouting out for Brand , Service , Product we really believe in.

Vats Creation has a Inner Circle Team that works very passionately towards the goals of the clients.

We have a unique concept of VC Series curated by us where we feature , engage and grow with our partners , associates , clients and mentors. Get more details on our social media and fill in our contact page if you want to be part of it.



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